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Important Notices


WARNING! Do not become the victim of identity theft.

The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Revenue Services DO NOT contact taxpayers by e-mail. If you receive an e-mail message, purportedly from any tax agency, DO NOT open the mail and DO NOT click on any link provided in the message. IT IS A HOAX from someone phishing for your personal information.

They also will not call you on the telephone.  Many taxpayers receive harassing phone calls, purportedly from the IRS, threatening to send the police to the taxpayer's home to arrest them if they don't pay back due taxes.  These calls are also a hoax.  DO NOT provide them with any information.  HANG UP on the caller immediately. 



In accordance with Internal Revenue Service confidentiality guidelines we will not disclose any personal information, including providing a duplicate copy of your income tax return, to a third party, unless requested to do so by you. Such request must be in writing from you, delivered via mail, fax, or email. We will not honor a request for information from a third party without your express written approval. Specifically, in accordance with Treasury Regulation §301.7216-3(a) we cannot releasea copy of your income tax return or any information provided to us for use in the preparation of your income tax return unless we have received a signed Taxpayer Consent to Disclose Tax Return Infomation from you.

Click here to obtain a copy of the consent form.

Consent Form (Joint Return)
Consent Form (Individual)