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Important Notices


WARNING! Do not become the victim of identity theft.

The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Revenue Services DO NOT contact taxpayers by e-mail. If you receive an e-mail message, purportedly from any tax agency, DO NOT open the mail and DO NOT click on any link provided in the message. IT IS A HOAX from someone phishing for your personal information.


In accordance with Internal Revenue Service confidentiality guidelines we will not disclose any personal information, including providing a duplicate copy of your income tax return, to a third party, unless requested to do so by you. Such request must be in writing from you, delivered via mail, fax, or email. We will not honor a request for information from a third party without your express written approval. Specifically, in accordance with Treasury Regulation §301.7216-3(a) we cannot releasea copy of your income tax return or any information provided to us for use in the preparation of your income tax return unless we have received a signed Taxpayer Consent to Disclose Tax Return Infomation from you.

Click here to obtain a copy of the consent form.

Consent Form (Joint Return)
Consent Form (Non-Joint Return)