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2016 Tax Forms

Links to checklists and worksheets that we have designed to help you gather and submit all of your 2016 income tax information in a timely and efficient manner. Please print and use any of the forms that you will need.

Reminder: We can not release your completed tax return prior to receipt of your signed Client Engagement Letter.

2016 Engagement Letter

2016 Privacy Policy

2016 Questionnaire

2016 Personal Information

2016 Automobile Worksheet

2016 Home Office Worksheet

2016 Rental Property Worksheet

2016 Self-employment Income Worksheet

2016 Health Insurance Questionnaire

2016 Itemized Deduction Worksheet 1

2016 Itemized Deduction Worksheet 2

Do you want to help us save time, paper & postage? Click on the link below to download an authorization form to allow us to SAFELY e-mail your returns to you.

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Valuation Guides for Donated Goods

Goodwill Donation Valuation Guide

The Salvation Army Donation Value Guide